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USD Analytics is a global research and consulting company. We partner with companies across 11 industry verticals to enable making smart decisions by identifying niche market growth opportunities and providing deeper insights in these segments. Our consultants assist companies to formulate their growth strategies, understand competition, preparing for the future market trends, addressing industry challenges and unlocking hidden opportunities.

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About Us

What We Offer

USD Analytics conducts its business under five major segments.

Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence platform brings the in-depth analysis on industries and markets in a single platform. The integrated view of data and analytics presents a competitive edge to users when making decisions. Our analysts and experts with cross-domain expertize present detailed insights into the industry for leaders across companies, governments and institutions. The unique platform enables users to access, download and analyze multiple growth outlook scenarios, identify upcoming assets and benchmark performance of companies and countries against peer markets and players.

Strategic Reports

Over 5,000 strategic research publications across industry verticals detailing comprehensive analysis of the markets. Reports on trending topics, industry and sector insights, technology, economic and market research publications are included in the segment. They enable clients to individually procure research specific to their research requirements.

Company Analysis

Business profiles of leading companies, their business operations, key strategies, outlook, developments, product launches, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations, employees, financials, SWOT analysis, market updates and others in each industry vertical are detailed.

Market Insights

Our news and deals insights service details the recent market developments across industry verticals, detailing all major industry developments and their impact on global and local markets and companies.


USD Analytics partners with clients to identify and monetize high value opportunities across industries. Our consultants address our partner’s most critical challenges, and enables clients to achieve leading-edge performance.

Our Values

We are a value-driven organization with our values as the building blocks of our culture.


Consistent and uncompromising adherence to principles in all our works

Client Focus

Company culture to put client satsifaction and business relationships first

Results Driven

Our results driven approach makes us different


Our enthusiastic team coordinates with clients to deliver insights

Our Expertize

Our team of experts bring deep industry expertise across industries to help customers drive business forward. We provide unparalleled information, deep industry insight and analysis to clients across the world. Our global team of analysts come with extensive experience in assisting clients to strategize and execute successful market entry, business expansion, product launch, merger and acquisition, and competitive assessment.

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