Altech Chemicals to commence pre-feasibility study of for HPA battery materials plant to supply Europe's growing Li-on battery market- February 2021

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Altech Chemicals, one of the emerging high purity alumina (HPA) producer companies, announced plans to conduct a pre-FEED study for the proposed battery materials HPA coating plant.

The plant is proposed for construction in Saxony, Germany.

Altech Industries Germany (AIG), the subsidiary company of Altech Chemicals will conduct the commercial feasibility of the plant construction in the region.

The company estimates the European demand for anode graphite to reach 500 thousand tons in 2025 and is planning to build 10,000 tonnes per annum of anode graphite plant (in phase 1). The plant will use nano layer alumina coating technology of Altech Chemicals for improved performance, coulombic efficiency, cycling stability, and quick charging ability of Li-Ion battery anodes.

Feedstock for the project will be sourced from Alltech’s 4,500 tons per annum HPA processing plant in Johor, Malaysia. The company is currently in the process of securing additional financing for its Malaysian project.