BASF partners with ACS and Holiferm to strengthen its position in bio-surfactants industry – March 2021

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  • BASF partners with ACS and Holiferm to strengthen its position in bio surfactants industry

BASF plans to expand its global reach in the bio-surfactants for personal care, hoe care and industrial formulators. As such, the company signed two distinct agreements with ACS and Holiferm.

ACS is a leading surfactants-from-biomass provider and a specialist in sophorolipids. BASF took an equal stake in Allied Carbon Solutions, and became the largest shareholder of ACS. The alliance also includes technology cooperation, commercial agreement and product development for sophorolipids, a class of glycolipids.

In 2020, BASF and Allied launched a sophorolipid ingredient in Asia called BioToLife, which the firms say offers surfactant and antimicrobial action.

In collaboration with ACS, BASF developed a novel sophorolipid-based ingredient, produced via fermentation technology, and launched BioToLife in Asia in 2020. According to BASF, BioToLife has unique anti-microbial and excellent cleansing properties.

Holiferm is a UK based company that develops holistically improved fermentation technology and processes to deliver massive economic improvements, with biosurfactants being the initial focus. Holiferm is commercialising biosurfactants for use in environmentally friendly home and personal care products.

BASF in collaboration through the strategic technology agreement with Holiferm, jointly develops and manufactures sustainable, non-fossil based, fermentatively accessible glycolipids with potential for application in Home Care, Industrial Formulators and Personal Care products.