BASF submits Regulatory Dossiers for registering its new and eco-friendly insecticide active ingredient – Dimpropyridaz – January 2021

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  • BASF submits Regulatory Dossiers for registering its new and eco friendly insecticide active ingredient

BASF plans on further expanding its global insecticide portfolio and the company’s position in providing sustainable innovations for agriculture. As such, the company has started global registration for its new insecticide Dimpropyridaz under the brand name Axalion in Australia and Korea, with additional registration submissions planned for the EU, Brazil, and India in 2021.

Dimpropyridaz is a pyrazole carboxamide insecticide and is effective against aphids. Axalion has a novel mode of action and will be registered for use in a broad range of crops in the fruits and vegetable markets, including grapes and potatoes, soybeans and other legumes, cotton and cereals to control insect pests, whiteflies and aphids. The high-performing insecticide will also be available to flower and ornamental producers.

Axalion can quickly stop pest feeding, reduce plant nutrient loss, prevent disease transmission, healthy plants, and improve crop yield and quality. Dimpropyridaz is also reported to be environmentally friendly with regard to soil and aquatic organisms; beneficial insects, including pollinators; as well as birds.

BASF expects the first Axalion-based product formulation to be introduced into the market as early as 2023 in Australia and Korea, 2024 in India. The company anticipates market introductions in the European Union in 2026.