Covestro plans polyurethane dispersions facility in China to cater environment friendly coatings and adhesives market in Asia Pacific- February 2021

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  • Covestro plans polyurethane dispersions facility in China

Covestro AG is planning to build a Polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) facility in their integrated complex in Shanghai, China. The company also plans to construct a polyester resin plant (to produce PUDs) in the complex.

The plants are likely to be operational in 2024 according to the company.

Amidst strong demand for environmentally friendly PUDs in Asia Pacific markets, the company plans to expand its infrastructure to gain from the opportunities.

In particular, the company is focusing on tailor-made polyurethane dispersions to customers across wide end-user industries. Low solvent, sustainable waterborne solutions are being widely used in textile and fiber-reinforced plastics, and we estimate the company to increasingly target these markets.