Dow launches new high-performance thermal conductive gel DOWSIl TC-3065 for 5G Technology– July, 2020

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  • Dow launches DOWS II TC 3065 for 5G Technology

DOW has launched Dowsil TC-3065 Thermal Gel, a gel geared to dissipate large amounts of heat away from sensitive electronic components as it facilitates automated dispensing and heat curing after assembly to reach high levels of production performance. The gel easily fills gaps on account of its outstanding wetting capability.

DOWSIL TC-3065 has significant applications in telecommunication and data communication equipment. Further, the gel can be utilized for optical transceivers, internet switches, and routers, high-speed solid-state disks, and other network devices. Thermal interface materials for 5G technologies need to quickly dissipate high amounts of heat, and electronics manufacturers also need advanced material solutions that support sustainability and efficient assembly

The gel supports auto-dispensing and is resistant to humidity and other extreme conditions, and is not expected to break during long-term aging. The DOWSIL TC-3065 is cured with heat after assembly, by applying 100°C for 30 minutes, 80°C for 60 minutes — even cured by the heat generated by the component. After curing, the gel has ultra-low levels of volatile organic compounds and no silicone oil bleeding, which eliminates any contamination of device surfaces that can degrade performance.

The TC-3065 gel resists humidity and other harsh environments and will not crack during long-term aging. It balances adhesion with re-workability to support high-reliability applications. Applications for this innovative material include telecommunications and data communications equipment.