DOW to use digitization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for polyurethane product formulation– March, 2021

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  • DOW to use digitization Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for polyurethane product formulation

DOW focuses on accelerating the digitalization of its polyurethanes business through its Dow Polyurethanes unit and tends to advance the development of sustainable technologies to meet long-term market needs.

The company is harnessing digitalization and transforming its polyurethanes business with machine learning and AI. In collaboration with Microsoft, Dow is integrating AI into a predictive intelligence capability to radically improve the product formulation development process and accelerate the time-to-market of differentiated solutions.

As a part of its strategic initiatives, DOW plans to demonstrate the power of polyurethanes in the virtual event, “Shaping the Future with Polyurethanes”, in which trends, industry insights, and opportunities of the market are also discussed.

Polyurethanes are set to play a crucial role in creating solutions that possess a competitive advantage in a sustainable world. In response to this need, Dow is working with partners from across the value chain to create innovative polyurethane-based solutions shaped by digitalization and sustainability. One such project includes the RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program – which is demonstrating the circularity possibilities of polyurethanes through recycling and re-use.