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Company Legal Name

Albemarle Corporation

Year of Incorporation



Chemical Industry

Geographical Presence



Introduction: Albemarle Corporation is a specialty chemicals manufacturing based in the United States. It is a leading global developer of highly-engineered specialty chemicals that engages in developing, manufacturing, and marketing of chemicals for consumer electronics, petroleum refining, utilities, packaging, construction, transportation, pharmaceuticals, crop production, food-safety, and custom chemistry services.

Segments: The company operates its business under three segments: Lithium and Advanced Materials, Bromine Specialties and Catalysts.

Albemarle is the largest provider of lithium for electric vehicle batteries and a major developer of flame retardant chemicals technologies.

Global position: From Charlotte to Shanghai, Albemarle operates sites in many countries around the globe.



Phone Number

1 980 299 5700

Fax No.

1 980 299 5512




Strategies: Albemarle and its joint ventures currently operate 29 production and research and development (“R&D”) facilities, as well as a number of administrative and sales offices, around the world.

As of December 31, 2019, Albemarle Corporation served approximately 2,400 customers, none of which individually represents more than 10% of net sales of the company, in approximately 75 countries.

In collaboration with ExxonMobil, Albemarle created the Galexia™ platform, a transformative hydro processing suite of catalyst and service solutions for the refining industry. The platform enables an improved way of doing business, ensuring customer demands are better addressed at every stage throughout the value chain.

With a team comprised of over 5,400 dedicated employees spread across approximately 100 different countries and as a global supplier of specialty chemicals, the company generated 3,589.43 million USD in the year 2019.

The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in North Carolina, United States.




Company Revenue (As of March 2019)

3,589.43 million USD

Net Income (As of March, 2019)

533.23 million USD

CEO and President of the Board

Luther C. Kissam IV

Number of Employees (As of March, 2019)


Corporate Address

4250 Congress Street, Suite 900, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28209, United States