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Associated British Foods plc

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Associated British Foods plc (ABF) is a British international food processing and retailing company that engages in the business of manufacturing and trading of consumer goods. The Company offers grocery, ingredients, sugar, and agricultural products.

It is a diversified international food, ingredients, and retail group with sales of £15.6bn, 137,000 employees, and operations in 53 countries across Europe, southern Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Australia.

ABF also sells tea, sugar, cereals, and clothes. Bread-baking operation is the oldest function of ABC, but it also makes money from clothes - the company owns low-cost high-street fashion chain Primark. ABF also makes and markets grocery products, sugar, ingredients, and agricultural products.

Its grocery lines include household staples Allinson, Tip Top, Karo syrup, Argo corn starch, Kingsmill bread, Silver Spoon sugar, and Twinings tea. In the US, it owns Fleischmanns Yeast and ingredient and spice maker ACH. Other divisions churn out sugar, specialty oils, and animal feed.

ABF operates its business through the segments that include Grocery, Sugar, Agriculture, Ingredients, and Retail.

The Grocery segment manufactures products, including hot beverages, sugar and sweeteners, vegetable oils, balsamic vinegar, bread, baked goods, cereals, ethnic foods, and meat products, which are sold to retail, wholesale, and foodservice businesses.

The Sugar segment grows and processes sugar beet and sugar cane for sale to industrial users and to Silver Spoon, which is included in the Grocery segment.

The Agriculture segment manufactures and distributes animal feeds and provides other products and services for the agriculture sector.

The Ingredients segment is manufacturers of bakers’ yeast, bakery ingredients, enzymes, lipids, yeast extracts, and cereal specialties. The Ingredients business of the company is a leader in yeast, bakery, and specialty ingredients for the food, feed, and pharmaceutical industries.

The Retail segment is engaged in buying and merchandising value clothing and accessories through the Primark and Penney's retail chains.



Net Sales (2019)

15.8 billion GBP

Net Income (2019)

896 million GBP

CEO of the Board

George G. Weston

Employee Count



Key Brands:

  • Allinson
  • Argo cornstarch
  • Aladino Peanut Butter
  • Burgen
  • Blue Dragon
  • Capullo
  • Dorset Cereals
  • Dromedary cake mixes
  • Elephant Atta
  • Fleischmann's Yeast
  • High
  • Jordans cereals
  • Lucky Boat Noodles
  • Karo corn syrup
  • Kingsford's cornstarch
  • Kingsmill bread
  • Mazola corn oil
  • Ovaltine (except in the United States, where Nestlé owns the brand)
  • Patak's
  • Pride
  • Ryvita
  • Silver Spoon
  • Sunblest
  • Thai Lotus Pastes
  • Tolly Boy Rice
  • Twinings


Key Subsidiaries:

  • AB Sugar
  • AB Agri Ltd
  • AB Enzymes - an ABFI Company
  • AB Mauri, bakery ingredients
  • Abitec Corporation - an ABFI Company
  • Abitec Ltd
  • ACH Food Companies (AC HUMKO from 1995 to 2000), an American subsidiary of Associated British Foods, was previously part of Kraft Foods from 1952 to 1995.
  • ACH Food México
  • Allied Bakeries
  • Allied Mills
  • British Sugar
  • Frontier (50% joint venture with Cargill)
  • George Weston Foods
  • G Costa: sauces and specialty foods
  • Illovo Sugar
  • OHLY - an ABFI Company
  • PGP International, Inc. - an ABFI Company
  • Primark – known as Penneys in the Republic of Ireland
  • SPI Pharma, Inc. - an ABFI Company
  • Stratas Foods LLC, a 50/50 joint venture between ABF's American subsidiary ACH and fellow American food corporation Archer Daniels Midland.
  • Westmill Foods.


54.5% of ABF is owned by Wittington Investments.

With experience of over 94 years and along with its subsidiaries and 137,000 employees operating in 50 countries, the company generated revenue of USD 20,040 million in the year 2019.

The company was founded in November 1935 and is headquartered in London, the United Kingdom.



Phone Number

44 20 73996500

Fax Number

44 20 73996580

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