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Cargill Inc.

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Cargill Inc. is an America-based global private conglomerate company. It is an international provider of agricultural, food processing, industrial, trading, financial products, and risk management services.

The Company manufactures, distributes, and supplies agricultural commodities like grains, oilseeds, in addition to animal nutrition, biofuels, meat and poultry, food, and industrial products.

Cargill Inc. operates its business under four reporting segments that include Animal Nutrition & Protein, Food Ingredients & Applications, Origination & processing, and Industrial & Financial Services.

Animal Nutrition & Protein: This division is associated with providing crops and livestock. The division serves beef, swine, aquaculture, dairy, poultry, and also additives. The Company offers a full range of balanced diets, wholesome nutritious feed,

The product portfolio of this segment includes NutreBeef cattle feeds, RightNow Minerals, Fescue EMT Mineral Defense, Cattle Grazers Minerals, Ranger Limiter, Salmon, Shrimp, Tilapia feeds, best-in-class feed additives including NutriTek, Proviox, I.C.E, poultry feed additives like Biacid, Provimax, Enzae, Notox and more.

The key brand names under which the Company offers animal nutrition products include Cargill, Diamond V, EWOS, Nutrena, provimi, and Purina.

This segment is reporting a higher growth rate fuelled by rising export demands in animal nutrition and protein.

Food Ingredients & Applications: This division provides frying oils & sprays, chocolate, cocoa, tortillas, patties, salt, egg substitutes, cooked meats, salads, sweeteners, egg products, prepared proteins, and more.

The brand names of the products under this division include Willow Brook, Sunny Fresh, TNT, Truvia, Ultima premium, Maverick, Renaissance, Sterling silver, Shady Brook Farms, Filippo Berio, Fry King, Harvest provisions, Clear Valley, Master Chef, Diamond Crystal, Crisco Professional, Egg Beaters, Advantage, Ambrosia, Catallia and Cedar Canyon.

Origination & Processing: The organizing and processing division connects producers and users of grain, oilseeds, and other agricultural commodities through origination, processing, marketing, and distribution capabilities, and services.

We modernized several oilseed processing plants in Brazil and the US. and broke ground on a biodiesel facility in Kansas. Early in fiscal 2019, we formed a joint venture to meet the increasing demand for soybean meal and oil in Egypt.

Industrial & Financial Services: The industrial sub-division supplies fertilizer, salt, and steel products and services, and develops industrial applications for agricultural feedstocks. The financial risk management and services sub-division provide Cargill customers and the Company with risk management and financial solutions in world markets.

The Company also offers Natural raw materials, nature-derive ingredients, and innovative services for personal care products under the Beauty category, Nature-based Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and excipients, and transportation services of bulk commodities and finished products.

In poultry, Cargill acquired Pollos El Bucanero in Colombia; formed U.K.-based Avara Foods, a fresh poultry joint venture; and opened a major processing plant in the Philippines with Jollibee Foods.



Net Sales (2019)

115.3 billion USD

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Dave Mac Lennan

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In the U.S., it expanded facilities for cooked meat and eggs.

In animal nutrition, we acquired U.S.-based Diamond V and invested in Austria-based Delacon;

The Company purchased Integral Animal Nutrition, a Brazilian producer of cattle mineral feeds.

In the U.S., it bought Pro-Pet, a private-label pet food maker, and the animal feed business of Southern States Cooperative.

Technical application centers supporting aqua nutrition were opened in India and Vietnam. The Company also invested in Dublin-based Cainthus, and animal facial recognition startup, and broadened our farm management software offerings; both will give farmers a digital boost to their productivity and profitability.

Cargill introduced several new ingredients, including a high oleic canola oil with the lowest-ever level of saturated fat; EverSweet™ zero-calorie sweetener; and the SimPure™ line of high-performing native starches.

In Brazil, it launched Liza® Origens soy cooking oil that carries our innovative Triple S (Sustainably Sourced & Supplied) certification.

Cargill increased ownership in an Argentina-based starches and sweeteners joint venture and formed a new joint venture with Minneapolis-based Puris to serve the growing demand for plant-based proteins.

The Animal Nutrition division launched the iQShrimp™ predictive software platform that captures various streams of data and uses machine learning to give shrimp farmers insights that help them produce healthier, larger shrimp with fewer resources. We are currently expanding this platform to other species.

With over 150 years of experience, 160,000 employees serving customers and communities in 70 countries, and a network of modern production facilities, the Company operates its business globally under the regional segments of North America, EMEA, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.

North America is the major region contributing 34% of the revenue followed by Asia-Pacific which contributed for 29% of the revenue of the Company in 2019. EMEA region accounted for 24% of the total revenue and the Latin America region contributed 13% share in the total company revenue in 2019.

The Company generated revenue of 115.3 billion USD in the year 2019 and was founded in 1865 and headquartered in Minnesota, United States.



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