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Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. Company Profile



Company Legal Name

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Year of Incorporation



Oil and Gas

Geographical Presence




Introduction: Based in India, Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. operates as a holding company that engages in the refining of crude oil and marketing of petroleum products.

It operates through the Downstream Petroleum and Exploration and Production (E&P) segment. The Downstream Petroleum segment includes the refining and marketing of petroleum products. The E&P segment focuses on hydrocarbons.

BPCL was founded in 1886 as Rangoon Oil and Exploration company in Assam and was nationalized in 1976.

In November 2019, again it was privatized. The government invited bids for the sale of its 52.98% stake in the company on 7 March 2020

Bharat Petroleum operates the following refineries:

  • Mumbai Refinery
  • Kochi Refinery
  • Bina Refinery
  • Numaligarh Refinery

The company’s business is divided in seven SBUs (Strategic Business Units), like Retail, Lubricants, Aviation, Refinery, Gas, I&C and LPG.



Company Revenue (2020)

2,842,817.10 million INR

Net Income (2020)

30.553.60 million INR

Chairman and Managing Director

K. Padmakar

Number of Employees (2020)


Corporate Address

Bharat Bhavan, 4 & 6 Currimbhoy Road, Ballard Estate, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400001, India


Key Products:

  • K-Model
  • Eco-Chem
  • BHARAT HI-CAT commercial niche catalyst
  • BHARAT GASOLINE SULFUR REDUCTION (GSR) CATALYST - used for gasoline sulfur reduction in Fluid catalytic cracking process.
  • Highly active and substantially cheaper - Enables refiners to achieve 30-35 % sulfur reduction in gasoline range without octane loss.
  • BHARAT WATER DETECTING PASTE & EBMS KIT – It is a multipurpose paste for testing of water content in hydrocarbon fuels which has direct applications in Ethanol blended Moto Spirit (EBMS), Motor spirit (MS), kerosene, and diesel products in the range of 0.5 vol%.
  • EBMS KIT is a simple and quick test method (qualitative & quantitative) to estimate the ethanol content in EBMS (8-12%).
  • BHARAT DIVIDED WALL COLUMN (DWC) TECHNOLOGY- It is a new 4-cut DWC configuration, meant for effective separation of naphtha.
  • CROSS FLOW REACTOR HYDROPROCESSING TECHNOLOGY - This is a novel technology developed for 3-phase hydroprocessing applications.
  • HIGEE DEAERATION TECHNOLOGY FOR BOILER FEED WATER - It is one of the most efficient gas-liquid contactor in which centrifugal acceleration replaces gravity.
  • MEMBRANE-BASED TECHNOLOGY FOR HYDROGEN RECOVERY FROM REFINERY OFF-GASES – this technology provides an efficient hydrogen recovery with minimum pressure drop, longer membrane life, low capital and low maintenance cost.
  • HIGH-EFFICIENCY LPG BURNER – It is 6-7% more thermal efficient as compared to the ones currently available in the market.
  • SAP TECHNOLOGY – SAP is a three-dimensional polymer network of partially neutralized acrylic acid that can absorb water up to thousands of times its own weight. SAP is on high demand for various applications like adult, feminine and baby incontinence products and other commercial applications such as electric cable wrap protection, firefighting, soil reforming agent for agriculture, food package, etc.
  • BHARAT METAL CUTTING GAS (BMCG) – 2ND GENERATION – It is developed indigenously by CRDC, and is a cost-effective industrial hydrocarbon gas which is fortified with an innovative additive to enhance cutting properties of the gas for oxy-fuel based metal-cutting applications.

The additive, with its unique oxygen liberating property, enriches the fuel in oxygen content in the inner cone and thus enables less piercing time, high penetration, faster cutting speed, smooth cutting.

  • MAK BIOCUT – It is a soluble cutting oil based on modified vegetable oils, with high lubricity and biodegradability.
  • COMPREHENSIVE ADDITIVE PACKAGE AND ANTIFOULANT – Demulsifier - PhiChem, a neutralizing amine - FilChem, a filming amine – NeutraChem, and an antifoulant - AFChem.
  • BHARAT COP CAT (CO PROMOTER ADDITIVE) - This indigenously developed additive promotes complete combustion in FCC regenerator dense catalyst bed, and also reduces CO and NOx emissions.
  • DRAG REDUCING ADDITIVE (DRA) – It was developed to enhance the flow of finished products in cross-country pipelines.
  • FURNACE CLEANING CHEMICAL - This utility chemical removes fouling over the heater tube surface, enhancing heat transfer, while reducing fuel requirements for heating.
  • WASTE PLASTIC ROAD - An innovative process has been developed for construction of roads from mixed waste plastic.
  • BIOREMEDIATION - This was used for cleaning up a pipeline leakage affected site in Maharashtra. Using naturally occurring bacteria enriched from on-site resources, CRDC designed a customized solution to suit the site conditions and treated 8,357 tons of contaminated soil.


The company was founded in 1886 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India.




Phone Number

91 2222713000

Fax No.

91 2222713874