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Chubu Electric Power Company Profile


Company Legal Name

Chubu Electric Power co.





Geographical Presence



Based in Japan, Chubu Electric Power Company operates as a multi-national energy company mainly engaged in the supply of electricity, gas, and on-site energy. It also deals with overseas consulting and investment, real estate management, and information technology (IT) business.

Chubu Electric operates the divisions of Renewable energy business, Nuclear power business, overseas business, Community support infrastructure-related business, Etc.

The Company is also engaged in the telecommunication construction business, the advertising, leasing, and insurance agency business, the construction, inspection, and repair of electrical facilities, the leasing, and management of the real estate, the maintenance of thermal and nuclear power plants, the acceptance, storage, gasification and delivery of liquefied natural gas, the provision of information processing services, the software business and others.

The company supplies power to about 16 million people in central Japan's Chubu region, a manufacturing region in Japan that includes Nagoya. The company has biomass, hydroelectric, nuclear, wind, and solar power generating facilities, and it has a capacity of more than 33,400 MW.



Company Revenue (March 2020)

3,065.9 billion Yen

Net Income (March 2020)

163.47 billion JPY

CEO and President of the Board

Hayashi Kingo

Number of Employees (2019)


Registered Address

1 Higashi-shincho Higashi-Ku Nagoya, Aichi 461-8680, Japan


Transition to a new business model: The Company has split off its power transmission/ distribution division in April 2020. It also implemented a business model that separates power generation from sales by splitting off the sales division.

The company aims to optimize the facilities and operation of its demand area system by taking advantage of a decentralized system based on local production and consumption, installing next-generation power distribution equipment, and using ICT.

The company will also adapt its trunk line system to the expansion and uneven distribution of large-scale renewable energy and enhance its facilities and consider other improvements to realize a nationwide stable power supply and to pursue the benefit of wide-area operations.

Chubu Electric Company was incorporated in the year1951 and is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan.



Phone Number

+ 81 52 9518211