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Year of Incorporation



Chemical Industry

Geographical Presence



Based in Japan, Daicel Corporation engages in the manufacture and sale of chemical products. The company operates its business through the following business units: Health care SBU, Medical SBU, Smart SBU, Safety SBU, Material SBU, Engineering Plastics segment, Others.

Health care SBU unit is engaged in providing beauty and health products. Medical SBU unit develops and offers pharmaceuticals and offers a wide range of solutions through Analytical tools BU, Pharma Service BU, Specialty Chemical BU, and Biotech BU.

Smart BU provides solutions by essential technology and products for a smart society. Safety SBU continues to provide innovative safety and security to society on the foundation of know-how cultivated in pyrotechnics and vehicle safety industry. Material SBU provides various solutios responding to global scale needs, with technology cultivated through material business, the starting point of Daicel.

Engineering Plastics segment offers a wide-range of plastics, from engineering plastics and plastic compound products of high performance polymer, to functional sheets, formed trays and packaging films.

The Others unit includes Water Treatment Systems. It focuses on the technical development of separation membrane modules for various water treatment processes, and also manufactures and distributes water treatment systems and diffusers for a range of industrial applications.



Company Revenue (2020)

412.83 million USD

Net Income (2020)

4.98 million USD

CEO and President of the Board

Misao Fudaba

Number of Employees (2020)


Corporate Address

Grand Front Osaka Tower-B, 3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-Ku, Osaka, 530-0011, Japan


Key products:

1,3-Butylene glycol; Polyglycerin derivative; Thickeners; Chiral &Achiral columns / stationary phases; New analytical tools; Analytical/Purification/Synthesis/Formulation services; Chiral reagents, Bio reagents; Analytical standards; BT BU – Offering; DNA and RNA-based probes; Triacetylcellulose (TAC); High performance film; Solvent for electronic materials; Polymers; Semiconductor process cleaning agents; Optical parts and Lens units; Silver nanoparticle ink; Organic semiconductor devices; Inflators; Synthetic resins for mobility products; Pyro-Fuse; Safety device for non-mobility products; Acetic acid and derivatives; Cellulose acetate; Acetate tow; Cycloaliphatic epoxies; Caprolactone; Ketene derivatives; Alkylamines.

The company operates its Engineering plastics unit through 5 subsidiaries including Polyplastics, Daicel Evonik, Daicel Pack Systems, DM Novafoam, and Daicel Miraizu Ltd.

With an experience of over 100 years and an employee count of 11,606 working in 76 companies all over the world, Daicel Corp. generated revenue of 412.8 billion JPY in the fiscal year 2019. The company was incorporated in the year 1919 and is headquartered in Japan.



Phone Number

81 6 76397171

Fax Number

81 6 73697181