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Danone SA - Company Profile



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Danone SA

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Danone SA is a France based country that operates as a food processing company. It produces and markets dairy products, beverages, baby food, and medical nutrition products. Danone serves customers worldwide.

The company operates its business through the following divisions: Fresh Dairy Products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition, and Medical Nutrition.

The Fresh Dairy Products division produces and markets yogurts, fermented fresh dairy products, and other specialized fresh dairy products.

The product portfolio and the brands include basic fresh dairy products, such as

  • plain and fruit yogurts;
  • Greek-style yogurt lines, such as Oikos and Danio, 
  • the Activia line, which is marketed in over 70 countries;
  • the Actimel brand;
  • Danonino, marketed in over 50 countries (under the Fruchtswerge, Danoninho, and Petit Gervais brand names),
  • Danimals in the United States,
  • Serenito in Argentina or Tema in Russia;
  • Danacol
  • Densia;
  • Danette
  • Fantasia
  • Danissimo
  • YoCrunch
  • Vitalinea is also marketed under the Light & Fit, Taillefine, or Ser brand names.



Consolidated Revenue (2019)

25.3 billion EUR

CEO of the Board

Emmanuel Faber

Employee count (2019)



The Waters division comprises the natural waters business along with aqua drinks like waters flavored and vitamin-enriched with natural fruit juice extracts, fruit juice, and vitamins.

Many international branded products like

  • Evian,
  • Volvic and
  • Badoit, and

Also local branded products like

  • Aqua in Indonesia,
  • Mizone in China,
  • Bonafont in Mexico,
  • Villavicencio and Villa del Sur in Argentina,
  • Fontvella and Lanjaron in Spain, and
  • Zywiec Zdroj in Poland is sold under this division.

The Early Life Nutrition division focuses on specialized foods for babies and young children to complement breastfeeding. It also offers products, services, and education to pregnant & breastfeeding women, infants, and young children.

Global brands include

  • Aptamil and Nutrilon

Local heritage brands include

  • Cow & Gate,
  • Bledina, Nutrition
  • Bebelac,
  • Malyutka and
  • Dumex.

The Medical Nutrition division focuses mainly on people receiving medical treatment, babies afflicted with certain illnesses, and frail elderly people. It designs products primarily to treat malnutrition due to disease in order to satisfy special food needs.

The company markets a large portfolio of international brands including

  • Nutrison, tube feeding for the dietary management of patients suffering from illness- `related malnutrition and are unable to feed themselves normally;
  • Fortimel/Fortisip, the liquid oral nutritional supplements;
  • Neocate, the hypoallergenic products aimed at babies and children with dairy or multiple food protein allergies, and
  • Nutrini/Infatrini, an oral and feeding tube Medical products adapted for the dietary treatment of babies and children who, due to illness, are incapable of feeding themselves normally or sufficiently. All these brands are marketed under the umbrella brand Nutricia.

With more than 100,000 employees and products sold in over 120 markets, Danone generated €25.3 billion in sales in 2019.

The key competitors of Danone SA include Coca-Cola, General Mills, Kellogg's, Kraft Heinz, Mondelez, Nestle, PepsiCo, Unilever, Abbott, Mead Johnson, Fresenius, Lala, Yakult, and Biostime.

Danone was founded on February 2, 1899, and is headquartered in Paris, France.



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