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Empresas Copec SA Company Profile



Company Legal Name

Empresas Copec S.A.

Year of Incorporation



Chemicals manufacturer

Geographical Presence



Based in Chile, Empresas Copec SA operates as a financial holding company, which engages in the investments on energy and natural resources; and distribution of liquid fuels, liquefied gas, and natural gas, and in electricity generation. Fuels Business, Fishing Business and Other Investments.

It is a leading Chilean energy and forestry company with a chain of gas stations throughout Chile.

The company organizes its business operations into four sectors - Forestry Business; Energy, Fishing, and Other Investments.

Forestry business is operated through Arauco subsidiary that includes plantations, manufacture of market kraft pulp, and production of sawn timber and panels.

Energy Business is operated through – Copec; Abastible, and Agesa subsidiaries. Copec involves in the distribution and marketing of fuels for domestic and industrial use. Abastible comprises commercialization of liquefied gas.

In 2016, Copec entered the United States by acquiring MAPCO Express from Delek US.

The company operates in the fishing business through IgMar, which produces fishmeal, fish oil, canned and frozen seafood for human consumption.

Empresas has productive platforms in the countries of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, the United States and Uruguay.



 Company Revenue (2019)

16,682.52 billion CLP

Net Income (2019)

121.00 billion CLP

CEO and President of the Board

Eduardo Navarro Beltran

Number of Employees (2019)


Corporate Address

Avenida El Golf Nº 150, Piso 17 Las Condes, Santiago (Metropolitana) 650-0586, Chile



Empresas Copec continues to grow in line with a strategy focused on delivering an attractive level of profitability in the long term to its investors, through a sustainable management model. It takes relevant steps both in Chile and abroad, with a long-term vision and a constant effort to raise the standards of activities and create maximum value.

The company invests primarily in the fields of energy and natural resources.


Key Subsidiaries:

Arauco; copec; abastible; Terpel; Orizon; Sonocol; IGmar; Mapco; invierno; Golden omega; Las Salinas; Corpesca; Alxar; Duragas; Solgas.

The company was incorporated in 1934 and is headquartered in Las Condes, Chile.



Phone Number

56 2 24617000