Enagas SA Company Profile

Enagas SA Company Profile


Company Legal Name

Enagas S.A




Oil and Gas

Geographical Presence



Based in Spain, Enagas S.A. operates as an energy company Enagas is an energy company specialized in the development, operation, and maintenance of gas infrastructures.

The Company's activities are divided into three business segments: Infrastructure, Technical management, and unregulated activities. The Infrastructure division is structured into three areas: Gas transport, which offers gas transmission through pipelines network; Regasification, which transforms liquefied natural gas (LNG) into gas form and stores it in cryogenic tanks, and Storage, which operates underground natural gas storage facilities. The Technical management division focuses on coordinating the access, storage, transportation, and distribution process, maintaining gas infrastructure, and ensuring the continuity and security of gas supply. The Unregulated activities division includes deregulated operations and transactions. The Company is present in a number of countries, such as Spain, Greece, Albania, Italy, Mexico, Chile, and Peru.

Enagas has 11,000 Km of gas pipelines, three underground storage facilities in Serrablo (Huesca), Gaviota (Vizcaya) and Yela (Guadalajara) and four regasification plants in Barcelona, Huelva, Cartagena and Gijón. It also owns 50% of the BBG regasification plant in Bilbao and 72.5% of the Sagunto plant. 



CEO of the Board

Marcelino Oreja Arburúa

Registered Address

Enagás SA Paseo de los Olmos, 19 28005 Madrid, Spain 


International activity


Enagás began operating internationally in 2011 after taking a stake in the Altamira regasification plant in Mexico. Currently, the company is present in eight countries: Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Albania, Greece, Italy, and United States.

Enagás is present in eight countries. In Mexico, the company holds a stake in the TLA Altamira regasification plant and operates the Morelos gas pipeline, and is a member of the consortium that developed the Soto La Marina compressor station, in operation now.

It is also the main shareholder of Quintero LNG terminal in Chile and holds stakes in Transportadora de Gas del Perú (TgP) and Compañía Operadora de Gas del Amazonas (Coga) in Peru.

Enagás is also involved in the construction of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which will bring gas to Europe from the Caspian Sea linking Greece, Albania, and Italy. The company is part of the consortium that has acquired 66% of the Greek gas operator DESFA as well.

Projects for decarbonization

Enagás boosts and develops national and international projects to contribute to the decarbonization process and to improve air quality. They are initiatives focused on energy efficiency, the use of natural gas in transport, especially maritime transport, or the development of renewable gases (biogas/biomethane, hydrogen, etc.), which can be transported by Enagas pipelines network.

One major area of strategic growth for Enagás lies in the development of its core business in markets in Europe and the American Pacific Ring countries.

The company was incorporated in 1972 and is headquartered in Spain.



Phone Number

902 443 700;  (+34) 91 709 92 00