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Far Eastern New Century Corp. Company Profile



Company Legal Name

Far Eastern New Century Corp.

Year of Incorporation



Chemicals manufacturer

Geographical Presence



Introduction: Based in Taiwan, Far Eastern New Century operates primarily in the Telecommunication industry and Chemical industry.


The company organizes its business into six segments including Petrochemical segment, Chemical Fiber segment, Textile segment, Telecommunications segment, Real Estate segment, and Others.

Petrochemical segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and its products. Chemical Fiber segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of polyester chips, polyester cotton, polyester yarn, polyester thin film, polyester film, polyester preform, nylon yarn and other products. Textile segment is concerned with various natural, man-made, synthetic fiber gauze, blended gauze and finished cloth, processed yarn, silk, cloth and others. Telecommunications segment offers personal mobile services, mobile commerce, cloud platforms, fiber-optic internet access, fixed communications, new economy, professional telecommunications integration and other digital services. Real Estate Development segment develops commercial properties, residential buildings, public buildings and bridges, among others. Investment and Other segment is engaged in investment business.

Far Eastern New Century operates across the geographic regions of Shanghai, Taiwan, Yangzhou, and Taoyuan.

The company has its R&D structure located in Taiwan that currently focuses on polyester packaging.




Company Revenue (2019)

250.15 billion TWD

Net Income (2019)

10.74 billion TWD

Chairman of the Board

Douglas Tong Hsu

Corporate Address

36/F, Taipei Metro Tower, 207, Section 2, Tunhwa South Road, Daan District, Taipei, TP, 101, Taiwan



Far Eastern New Century implements the strategies of organizational alignments, expansion of plants, establishment of new plants in order to cope up with the rapidly growing industry and face the increasing competition.

Improvement of communication with domestic and foreign industries, integration of technology for biomedical, optoelectronics and other related fields in order to create new values.

Establishment of the Corporate Petrochemical Office, which functions as an exchange platform for Petrochemical Fibers such as PTA and MEG between Taiwan and Mainland China.

In recent years, the Corporate Petrochemical Office has successfully established itself in the Taiwan and Mainland Petrochemical Industry by using strategies of expanding production scale, by enhancing the integration of the corporate upstream and downstream Industries, and by getting firm control over raw material supplies.

Far Eastern new Century was incorporated in 1942 and is headquartered in Taiwan.



Phone Number

886 227338000

Fax Number

886 227367184