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JBS, a multinational company of Brazilian origin, is recognized as one of the global leaders in the food industry. JBS SA engages in the processing of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and also produces value-added and convenience food products.

Headquartered in the city of São Paulo, the company operates globally in 15 countries.

The company offers a diversified product portfolio, ranging from fresh and frozen meats to ready-to-eat dishes, marketed through renowned brands in Brazil and abroad, such as Friboi, 1953, Swift, Seara, Seara Gourmet, Doriana, Massa Massa, Pilgrim's Pride, Plumrose, Primo, among others. 



Net Sales (2019)

205 billion BRL

Net Income (2019)

6 billion BRL

CEO of the Board

Gilberto Tomazoni

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JBS also operates with related businesses, such as Leathers, Biodiesel, Collagen, Wrappers for sausages, Hygiene & Cleaning, Metal Packaging, Transport, and waste management solutions, innovative operations and which also promote the sustainability of the entire Business value chain.

JBS SA organizes its business into the following business segments: Brazil, Seara, Beef USA, Pork USA, Chicken USA, and Others.

The Brazil segment is associated with slaughter facilities, cold storage and meat processing, fat, and feed and production of beef by-products such as leather, collagen, and other products produced in Brazil. The Seara segment includes chicken and pork processing, production, and commercialization of food products. The Beef USA segment is related to beef processing: slaughter, cold storage, production, and others beef byproducts, besides cattle fattening services. The Pork USA segment includes operations like slaughter, cold storage, production, and commercialization of food products in the USA, Plumrose, and Australia. The Chicken USA segment is concerned with chicken processing, production, and commercialization of food products in the United States of America, Mexico, United Kingdom, and France.

The company was incorporated in 1953 and is headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil.



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55 11 31444000

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55 11 31444279

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