Lactalis - Company Profile

Lactalis - Company Profile



Company Legal Name

Lactalis Groupe

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Business Lines

Dairy industry

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Groupe Lactalis is a France based multinational company that is into the dairy industry. It engages in the manufacturing and supplying of dairy products. Lactalis is a global leader in the dairy industry and is present across all the categories of the dairy products market.

Groupe Lactalis is the number one cheese manufacturer in the world, and the European leader within the milk consumption, butter, and cream markets. It is also a key player in the chilled dairy and dairy ingredients categories, as well as the food service industry.

The Company offers a wide range of dairy products including drinking milk, yogurt, cheeses, butter, cream, chocolate, pastry, desserts, chilled dairy products, products for medical nutrition, dairy ingredients, and milk powder for infants and adults, as well as catering services.

The company operates its business globally in the regions of the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, enabling customers to obtain quality dairy products.

Groupe Lactalis was started in the name of Besnier S.A in 1933 when the first camembert cheese was produced.

Groupe Lactalis is one of the starting companies to launch a one-liter glass bottle of milk under the brand name “SSL Le Bon Lait”.

In September 2020, Groupe Lactalis announced its agreement to acquire Kraft's natural cheese operations in North America and internationally for $3.2 billion.

In October 2018, Lactalis announced the acquisition of Nestle Malaysia's chilled dairy business unit for approximately $40 million.

In January 2018, Lactalis agreed to purchase the skyr producer Siggi's Dairy but allowed it to run independently.

In December 2017, Lactalis announced the acquisition of dairy company Itambé.

In July 2017, Groupe Danone agreed to sell its Stonyfield Farm subsidiary to Lactalis for $875 Million.

The key brands of the Groupe Lactalis under which it sells its products include




Net Sales (2019)

2.8 billion EUR

Net Income (2019)

68.12 million EUR

CEO of the Board

Emmanuel Bresnier

Employee Count



International Leading Brands:

  • President,
  • Galbani,
  • Lactel,
  • Bridel.


International Brands:

  • Ambassador,
  • Santal,
  • Societe,
  • Seriously,
  • Pauls.


Regional Brands:

  • QBB (Malaysia),
  • Valbreso, Laicran (France),
  • Pride (Saudi Arabia).


With an experience of over 87 years and 75,000 employees located in over 250 production sites in more than 40 countries worldwide, the company generated revenue of 2,680 million EUROs in the year 2018 with a rise of 11 million EUROs from the year 2017 (2669 million EUR). The company owns 198 industrial sites in 55 countries.

The company was founded 87 years back in 1933 by Andre Besnier and is headquartered in Laval, France.



Phone Number

33 243594259

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