Nestle SA Company Profile


Nestle SA Company Profile


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Nestle SA

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Food and Beverages

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Nestlé S.A is a Switzerland-based company that is specialized in the food and beverage industry. The company operates its business under 7 major segments that include powdered and liquid beverages, nutrition and health science, milk products and ice cream, pet care, prepared dishes and cooking aids, confectionery, water, and others.

Nestle company also provides instant pasta to its customers. MAGGI PAZZTA is one of the major company pasta products, and Nestle also offers various ketogenic products that include Fruitivits, Betaquits, Vitaflo, Keyo, PKU air, PKU cooler, Glycosade.

Keyo is a unique, ready-to-eat, palatable semi-solid food for use in the ketogenic diet.

PKU air is the lowest calorie ready-to-drink protein substitute designed to support weight management. PKU cooler is a ready-to-drink, available in varying sizes.

Glycosade is modified cornstarch for use in the dietary management of Hepatic GSD, suitable from 2 years of age.



Net Sales (2019)

92,568 million CHF

Net Income (2019)

12,609 million CHF

CEO of the Board

Paul Bulcke

Employee Count

More than 350,000


The different brand names of powdered and liquid beverages segment are Nescafé, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, and others. Nescafé is the coffee brand of the company available in over 180 countries and some of the renowned brands include Nescafé Azera, Nescafé Cold Brew, and others. In FY2019, this segment generated sales of around 23,620 CHF million.

The nutrition and health science segment operates into products and services related to the betterment of infants and their mothers. Some products include the substitutes of breast milk and their renowned brand names include Gerber, Nido, illuma and NAN, and others. In FY2019, this segment generated sales of 15,000 CHF million.

The milk products & ice cream segment operates into consumer products in dairy and dairy-free options. The company has many value-added and alternative products such as organic, yogurt, plant-based, and lactose-free while reducing sugar and improving fortification. Dairy products are affordable that can able be meet the nutritional requirements of children in developing countries. Some of the renowned brands in this segment are Nido, Mövenpick, and others. In FY2019, this segment generated sales of 12,500 CHF million.

The Petcare segment operates under the brand name of Purina that provides natural products, including more recognizable ingredients and simpler ingredient lists. The product portfolio includes a wide range of dog and cat foods. In FY2019, this segment generated sales of 13,000 CHF million.

Prepared dishes and cooking aids segment offers a wide range of food portfolios that includes simple, transparent ingredients for main meals and dishes. Some of the brands under this business segment are Maggi, Di Giorno, CPK, Buitoni and Wagner, and others. This segment generated sales of 12,165 CHF million in FY2019.

The confectionery segment deals with a broader portfolio of healthier on-the-go snacks that have strong local chocolate brands and global brand Kit Kat. Some other brands including Milky Bar, Galak, and Trencito are also operated under this segment.

The water segment operates with a unique brand portfolio including the world’s largest water brand, Nestlé Pure Life. It is involved in fulfilling customer needs, providing access to water, and preserving water resources. Some of the brands operated under this segment are Perrier, S.Pellegrino, and others.

2019, the company has more than 352,000 employees working globally in more than 189 countries around the world. It has more than 2000 brands ranging from global icons such as Nescafé and Nespresso to local favorites like Ninho.

Geographically, the company organizes its business into 3 different segments that include Zone EMENA, Zone AMS, and Zone AOA.

With an experience of over 154 years and a huge employee count working for the company, Nestle generated sales of 92.568 billion CHF in the year 2019, with a rise of 1.2% from the year 2018 (91,439 million CHF).

The company was established in 1867 and is headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland.



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+41 21 924 1111

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