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Olam International Limited

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Olam International Ltd. is a Singapore-based company that engages in sourcing, processing, packaging, and merchandising agricultural products. It is a leading food and agri-business, supplying food ingredients, feed, and fiber to thousands of customers worldwide, ranging from multi-national organizations with world-famous brands to small family-run businesses.

The company offers more than 45 products in over 60 countries. Olam International Ltd. operates through three major divisions: Olam Food Ingredients, Olam Global Agri, and Olam International.

Olam food Ingredients: It offers sustainable, natural, value-added food products and ingredients so consumers can enjoy the healthy and indulgent products they love. Cocoa, Coffee, Dairy, Nuts, Spices are offered by this division.

Olam Global Agri: It supplies food, feed, and fiber to meet rising demand and a shift to protein-based diets particularly in Asian and African countries. Cotton, Edible Oils, Grains, Animal Feed & Protein, Rice are supplied through this segment.

Olam International – It provides stewardship to Olam Food Ingredients and Olam Global Agri; nurtures gestating businesses to full potential, incubates new engines for future growth, and responsibly divests non-core assets. This segment supplies Packaged Foods, Rubber, Wood Products.


Global Locations: The company operates globally across the regions of Asia; Australia; East Africa; Europe; the Middle East and North Africa; North Eurasia; Southern Africa; West and Central Africa; Latin America; USA.

The company operates over 180 processing facilities, and 14 innovation centers, as well as grow crops in its orchards and estates sourcing from around 5 million farmers globally. It also provides support services including risk management solutions and logistics and infrastructure. Through the Packaged Foods Business, the company markets own brands directly to consumers in Africa.

With over 180 processing and manufacturing facilities across the world, Olam transforms raw materials into bespoke ingredients, textiles, manufacturing blocks, and even furniture.



Net Sales (2019)

33 billion SGD

Net Income (2019)

509 million SGD

CEO of the Board

Sunny George Verghese

Employee Count




Onion –Onion Breeding program: The company succeeded in producing higher solid content with lower water consumption without compromising on taste, boosting disease resistance, and reducing acreage in other products.

Cocoa – The cocoa team of the company developed deZaan TrueDark, the first, medium brown, dark natural cocoa powder, without alkali processing. TrueDark was created to meet increasing customer demand for natural foods and sustainable, transparent, and clean labeling.

The company was founded by Sunny George Verghese in 1989 and is headquartered in Singapore.



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 65 63394100

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65 63399755

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